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Kevin Hagen got the idea one weekend when he was spending time with his children. He quickly became aware of their Emoji obsession, and decide to create a cool, yet stylish bracelet that his kids would want to wear and he wouldn't mind spending money on.

Do you find it difficult to express how you're feeling to others? Do you wish you could bring your favorite Emoji(s) everywhere in a tasteful way? Well now you can with the Emoji Bracelet.

What is the Emoji Bracelet?

The Emoji Bracelet  is a stylish bracelet that lets you incorporate your unique personality by showcasing your favorite Emoji faces on your wrist.

Maybe you like to keep in simple and you will only use 1 charm, or maybe you can't decide on just one Emoji charm. You can fill up your bracelet however you like. We leave the power in your hands. Change your charms to showcase your mood.

We love Emojis because there's no language barrier between them. Just like facial expressions people from different parts of the world can easily communicate. 

Your source for your favorite emoji bracelets. 

Let your charms do the talking for you. 

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